Policy for: BQN

Upon Arrival
Nu Car Rentals service is provided in cooperation with Easeway Car and Truck Rentals in Aguadilla. Please include your flight details at time of booking. Upon arrival please call us at 787-890-3353 for shuttle service to our location at Aguadilla Base Ramey, 333 Wing Dr, Aguadilla PR 00603. We hold vehicles up to 2 hours after the arrival time of your reservation during business hours.

Insurance Coverage
Loss Damage Waiver-LDW is optional only when presenting a major Credit card that extends coverage to Puerto Rico or with proof of personal insurance at the counter with a letter stating it is valid in Puerto Rico and vehicle covered is less than 5 yrs old. Credit card and Insurance presented are subject to verification and acceptance at the rental counter. Otherwise LDW is required. LDW and SLI are mandatory on Luxury SUV and Premium SUV or Car. LDW is available for the following amounts and deductibles: $16.95/day with a $500.00USD deductible up to full size vehicles $21.95/day with a Zero deductible up to fullsize vehicles. $29.95/day $1000 deductible Luxury/Premium vehicles and Trucks $16.95/day $1000 deductible Commercial/Cargo/Pick-up Trucks For trucks - the Cargo Compartment is not covered by LDW. The renter is responsible for the full value of the compartment in case of damages, accident or loss whether or not at fault. If repair estimate less than the deductible. difference credited Glass and Window Protection is $1.95/day. Loss of use is $2.95/day. Tire and Rim Protection is $2.45/day. PAC-Personal Accident Coverage -10USD/day-10000USD coverage. SLI Supplemental Liability is 10.95USD/day. Fees are taxable.

Special Equipment
Baby, Toddler and Infant seats are available at $8.99/day up to a max of $44.95. WI-FI is $3.95/day. Auto Express Toll Pass is $5.95 per day for unlimited daily use. Tolls for Special vehicles and trucks vary. Teodoro Moscoso and DTL Dynamic Toll Lane are not included. All fees are taxable. Request at the rental counter.

Fuel Policy
All cars are provided with fuel and should be returned with the same amount of fuel as it was received in order to avoid a local determined Refueling charge. Prepaid fuel options are available. Please inquire at the rental counter. Credit is not issued for unused fuel.

One Ways
One Way rentals between our Airport location and the following locations are allowed. Please advise rental counter at time of rental:................................................ Easeway Bayamon - $35.00....................................... Easeway-Kennedy - $20.00....................................... Easeway-Catano - $30.00....................................... Waseway Aguadilla - $75.00 Fees are taxable.

Geographic Restrict.
Vehicles are not allowed to leave the main Island of Puerto Rico Vehicles are only allowed to be driven on paved roads and cannot be driven on beaches or off road- to do so will void any insurance coverage.

Driver Qualification
All Drivers must possess a valid Drivers License in his or her own name from their country of residence as well as a clean driving record. They must also present a valid credit card in their own name at time of rental. If their Drivers License is not in Roman Alphabet they must have a valid International Drivers License and present their passport. The minimum age of drivers is 18 years. Renters between the ages of 18 and 20 may rent a vehicle with an underage fee of 19.95USD per day. Renters ages 21-24 may rent with an underage fee of 9.95USD per day. Additional Drivers have the same requirements as the Primary Driver and will be required to pay an additional drivers fee of 6.95USD per day except for the spouse. There are age requirements for the following vehicle classes - these classes may take up to 48 hours to confirm - Convertible - minimum age for rental is 30 years Midsize, Midsize SUV, Standard size, Standard SUV, Fullsize, Fullsize SUV, Luxury SUV, Minivan or Trucks-minimum age 25 years Premium SUV - minimum age is 24 years All drivers must have their name on the rental agreement at the time of rental. All fees are taxable.

Credit Card Guarantees
If you have reserved a pay on arrival rental, a credit card guarantee is required in order to reserve a vehicle. This credit card will be validated at the time of reservation and may show a 1.00USD temporary authorization on your credit card statement. However, no actual guarantee fee will be incurred unless the Customer is a No Show; in which case a No Show fee equivalent to a one day rental or a minimum of 50.00USD will be charged to the credit card provided as a guarantee. If your plans change you can avoid this fee by cancelling your reservation through the same site on which you made your reservation at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled rental time. If you reserved a Prepaid (Pay Now) reservation, you will be charged a Booking Fee equivalent to the total charges of your reservation. The Credit Card used for prepayment MUST be presented at the rental counter at time of pick up. This is a non-refundable reservation and may not be modified. If you do not pick up your rental when scheduled your reservation will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund or a credit.

Inclusive Rate Pkg.
Should you purchase an Inclusive Rate Package please note that Collision and Theft waivers, as well as Taxes and Fees ARE included in your rate. NOT included in your rate is the Fuel, Underage Drivers Fee, Additional Drivers Fee and special Equipment such as baby seats and GPS, as well as Supplemental Liability Insurance or any other available option. Should an accident or theft occur to the vehicle you will be responsible for the Excess amount:.............................. Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Fullsize cars Excess:..500.00USD CFAR, IFAR, Minivan...........................Excess:..500.00USD Pick Ups and Cargo Van........................Excess:..700.00USD Luxury SUVs, Expedition.......................Excess: 1000.00USD Full size Van.................................Excess: 1000.00USD

Payment & Deposits
We accept AX Carte Blanche Diners Discover Mastercard and Visa. A security deposit will be held at the start of the rental. This amount could vary depending on vehicle type and rental days.. If renter provides insurance the deposit is $1000, with our ins. Economy Compact Midsize Standard Fullsize cars CFAR is $200.00 Convertible, Minivan, Midsize SUV, Fullsize SUV and Cargo Van and Pick-up deposit is $500.00 Luxury SUV 15 PAX Box and Cargo Trucks deposit is $1000.00. Eligible Debit cards are accepted but MUST have a Mastercard or Visa Logo as well as the renters name printed in raised script These funds will no longer be available for immediate use and may take up to 30 days...depending on your bank...to become available. We will not be responsible for any returned checks or insufficient fund charges. We do not accept cash. Vouchers and prepaid cards are not accepted. If customer is providing personal insurance the deposit amount will be equal to the customers policy deductible with a minimum $200.00 deposit. If opting to use Credit card coverage the minimum deposit is $500.00. This amount could vary depending on vehicle type and rental days

Legal Notice
NU Car Rentals provides a car rental affiliate reservation system and acts as an agent for the convenience of you the customer and the local owned and operated car rental firm. We use reasonable commercial efforts to insure the accuracy of all information posted on our website or distributed to other websites. Our liability, if any, shall be limited to the amount of rental charges paid to us. The terms, conditions and prevailing law covering the rental shall be those stated on the rental contract presented at the actual rental location.

Additional Information
If you booked a Pay Now Special rate you will be charged in US dollars a nonrefundable deposit equivalent to the amount of the rental charges for the reserved period. Charges will appear on your statement as NU Car Rentals Website San Antonio, TX. Additional charges will be collected at rental in local currency A rental day consists of a 24 hour period. Changes to the reservation may result in a change of rate or an additional fee. There are no refunds for early returns. If After hours returns are permitted the renter will be billed to the start of the next business day and is responsible for the rental vehicle until inspected by a company representative. Please inquire at the rental counter for further details. Note there is no shuttle service available outside hours of operation Reservations for multiple vehicles must be made in different names or may not be honored. Smoking in vehicles or returning the vehicle where special cleaning may incur an additional fee per local policy. Makes and models are examples only and are not guaranteed. Local taxes and fees are controlled by local authorities and Suppliers and may be subject to change.