Policy for: PSR

Upon Arrival
Nu Car Rentals service is provided in cooperation with Viaggiare Rent at Pescara Abruzzo Airport. Upon arrival please proceed to our rental counter in the Arrivals Terminal. Should you need to contact us please call plus 39 0424 1958079. Out of hours service is available with a fee of 60EUR or if more than 1 hour after closing the fee is 80EUR. We hold vehicles up to 2 hours after the arrival time on your reservation during operating hours.

CDW is included. The renter remains responsible for the excess below. VAT incl. Also cost/day for 500 300 250 excess MBMR 1300E 15.00 30.00 35.00 MCMR MXMR..1400E 15.00 30.00 35.00 EDMR.............1500E 16.00 33.00 37.00 CDMR 1800E 16.00 27.00 37.00 CFAR .. 1800E 22.00 33.00 37.00 IDAR 1800E 22.00 40.00 45.00 IFAR IGMR IGAR 1800E 22.00 40.00 45.00 SFAR 2000E 22.00 40.00 45.00 GVMR.............2600E 35.00 n/a n/a TLW- Theft Waiver is included. The renter remains responsible for the excess as follows - MBMR MCMR MXMR.................1600EUR EDMR.......................................1800EUR CDMR CFAR IDAR IFAR SFAR...2000EUR IGNMA IGAR 2000EUR GVMR.......................................2800EUR Third Party Liability is included up to the limit of 25,000,000EUR. Tire and glass - 10EUR per day. PAI - Personal Accident Insurance is 3.50EUR per day. In case of an accident even if there is no damage the renter is required to notify our nearest location within 24 hours of the event. The Friendly Accident Statement - CAI, available with the vehicle must be filled out by renter and other parties involved in the accident and returned within 24 hours. Failure to do so may terminate insurance and incur a 250EUR fine. Management of an Accident Claim incurs a 150EUR fee. Smoking is not permitted in any of our vehicles. If customer cannot be present for check-in inspection the inspection will be carried out and any damage charged If there is possible hidden damage the deposit will be held during the inspection up to 20 days. There will be a down time fee for out of service time of 59EUR plus VAT.

Special Equipment
Baby seats for 0-12mos-9.50EUR/day 48EUR max, 1-3yrs 9.50/day 48EUR Max, 4-12yrs 6.50/day 35EUR Max. Damage or Loss 65.00EUR. If baby or child seat is not returned or damaged the fee is 65EU Italian law requires the installation of anti-abandonment device to prevent leaving a child in a closed vehicle. Viaggiare Rent does not provide this device. The renter must provide a device and apply it to the baby or child seat. The renter will be totally responsible for penalties due to lack of the device. GPS and similar is 6.50EUR per day up to 50EUR per rental. If damaged the fee is 305EUR. GPS is subject to availability. Snow chains- 5EUR/day 45EUR Max. If not returned or damaged the fee is 65EUR. Winter tires are 39E1 day 120E 7 days 229.90E 30 days. Winter tires are subject to availability. Contact us to reserve or Request at the rental counter.

Fuel should be returned at the same level it was received in order to avoid a refueling charge of 25.00EUR plus 2.00EUR per liter of missing fuel. You have the option to purchase a full tank and return it empty. Costs varies per type of vehicle.

One Ways
One way rental to another Viaggiare Rent location is available with prior approval and the following one way drop fees - Within the same city...20EUR AHO-AHO DT...VCE-VCE STA Within a region 70EUR AHO-CAG...AHO-OLB...CAG-OLB...CAG-AHO DT OLB-AHO DT...VCE-VIC STA...VCE-JESOLO DT...VIC STA-JESOLO DT VIC STA-VCE STA...CTA-PMO Out of Renting Region - 410EUR AHO-PSR...AHO-VCE...AHO-VCE STA...AHO-VIC STA...AHO-Jesolo DT CAG-PSR...CAG-VCE...CAG-VCE STA...CAG-VIC STA...CAG-Jesolo DT CAT-CAG..CAT-VCE..CAT-PSR..CTA-AHO..CTA-VRN..CTA-OLB OLB-PSR...OLB-VCE...OLB-VCE STA...OLB-VIC STA...OLB-Jesolo DT OLB-AHO DT...PSR-VCE...PSR-VCE STA...PSR-VIC STA...PSR-AHO DT PM0-CAG.. PMP-VCE..PMO-PSR..PMO-AHO..PMO-OLB..PMO-VRN VCE-AHO DT...VIC STA-AHO DT

Geographic Restrict.
Vehicles are only allowed to be driven on paved roads. Damage caused by unsuitable roads remains renters responsibility Our vehicles are prohibited to drive on any beaches. Our vehicle may not be driven outside Italy and major islands. Violations will void all insurance/coverage.

Driver Qualification
All drivers must present a valid drivers license of at least one year with a clean driving record. If the license is not from a EU or EFTA country which enables rental of the vehicle reserved an International Driving Permit is required and if license is not in the Roman alphabet a sworn translation of the license is necessary. The minimum age for rental without underage fee is 25 years and the maximum without overage fee is 75. Drivers over 75-85 yrs fee is 8EUR per day max 56EUR per rental. Drivers 19-20 yrs fee is 21Eur per day max 147E. per rental. Drivers 21-24 yrs are charged 10E a day max 70E VAT included. Underage drivers may not rent SUVs. Additional drivers must meet the same requirements as the primary driver and be added to the rental contract at rental counter. The additional driver fee is 8.00EUR per day up to a maximum of 65EUR per rental. First additional driver is included Primary and additional drivers must provide personal details including phone and email address. Debit Cards for payment only, not allowed for deposit.

Credit Card Guarantees
If you have reserved a pay on arrival rental, a credit card guarantee is required in order to reserve a vehicle. This credit card will be validated at the time of reservation and may show a 1.00USD temporary authorization on your credit card statement. However, no actual guarantee fee will be incurred unless the Customer is a No Show; in which case a No Show fee equivalent to a one day rental or a minimum of 50.00USD will be charged to the credit card provided as a guarantee. If your plans change you can avoid this fee by cancelling your reservation through the same site on which you made your reservation at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled rental time. If you reserved a Prepaid (Pay Now) reservation, you will be charged a Booking Fee equivalent to the total charges of your reservation. The Credit Card used for prepayment MUST be presented at the rental counter at time of pick up. This is a non-refundable reservation and may not be modified. If you do not pick up your rental when scheduled your reservation will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund or a credit.

Inclusive Rates
If you purchased an Inclusive Rate Package please note Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Waiver as well as Taxes and Fees are included in your rate. You will remain responsible for 1300-2600 EUR excess in case of Collision and 1600-2800EUR excess in case of Theft. Not included is Fuel, Special Equipment such as Baby Seats, GPS or Additional or Underage Driver fees or any other available option.

All drivers must present a major credit card in their own name valid at least 3 months before rental. MC and Visa are accepted. The credit card excess and basic deposit is- MBMR.........................1300EUR......600EUR MCMR, MXMR.............1400EUR......600EUR EDMR.........................1500EUR.....700EUR CDMR, CFAR, IDAR, IFAR.......1800EUR.....800EUR SFAR.........................2000EUR.....900EUR GVMR........................2600EUR.....1000EUR IGMR IGAR 2000EUR 1390EUR The deposit will be refunded upon return on return on time with no damage to the vehicle. VAT is applied to all rental charges option fees and surcharges. Additional Services and Fees Out of hours service - 60EUR for first hour, thereafter 80EUR Closed New Years Day Easter Monday Christmas Day OOH Fee 200EUR Drop fee-70EUR return same region, 410EUR return other region Unauthorized drop penalty 140E in region, 620E out of the region Road Side Assistance - 5E per day Lost items reflector jacket-15EUR, Vehicle documents-50EUR Vehicle license plate is 350EUR, Lost Key is 350,450,500,800EUR. Vehicle cleaning-Rent clean, Return clean or 25EUR cleaning fee Special Cleaning-up to 150EUR for excessive/extra cleaning Tow truck call cost of call 180E plus 1.80E per km Admin fee- 61EUR to manage unpaid fines, tolls, parking Admin fees-150EUR to manage accident claims Paper invoice request - 3.50EUR Late check out-request-at time of rental for 2 hours late-15EUR It Late- check out penalty-50E if 29min after scheduled return It the payment is made in advance online Cancellation must be made in writing at least 3 working days ahead or if 2 days ahead pay 30 percent of the rental amount or if cancelled one working day in advance a fee of 70 percent of the rental is due. The Customer expressly authorized Lessor to charge these amounts to the credit card indicated at the time of booking. If the Customer arrives 2 hours past the reserved arrival time the Lessor is exempted from delivery of the vehicle without implying a breach of contract of the same. If paying at the rental counter with credit or debit card the Lessor will take a security deposit. If using a debit or prepaid card the renter must present in addition the driving license identity card or passport and return air ticket or similar document. The card must have sufficient funds to cover the rental charges plus security deposit of 250.00EUR which will be refunded unless an additional charge was incurred. Banks may take up to 30 days to return funds to your account. Vehicle must be returned on the date time and place specified in the contract the same as received including all accessories. Customer must pay all highway violations, tolls, fines and tickets and reimburse the company for any expenses and administrative fees . or provide proof of payment, A check-in form must be signed or right to dispute damage is forfeited. Disputes related to charges may be advanced upon payment and within 5 days ot the charge. There is a key drop if vehicle is returned out of hours. The vehicle will be checked in at opening the next day. Out of hours fee and additional time will be charged and customer remains responsible for any damage done until checked in.