Policy for: SPUC01

Upon Arrival
NU Car Rentals service is provided by NOVA Car Rental in Split D/T. We are located at Obala Lazareta 3. Our hours of operation are Monday through Sunday from 8 AM to 9 PM and our phone number is plus 385 21 775 388. Should your reservation be outside our hours of operation a surcharge of 42 USD will apply. We offer free delivery for sites within 15km of our NOVA office. For delivery out the 15 km and during office hours there will be an additional fee of EUR24.00 plus EUR.36 per km. Out of Hours will have a 42 USD fee plus free delivery within 15km of our office or if outside 15km delivery will be 24 EUR plus .60EUR per km. Delivery must be arranged at time of booking A onetime fee applies for all pick up and returns for national holidays- Easter, Assumption of Mary, Christmas and New Years.

If you require additional insurance coverage you may purchase it locally to reduce/remove the insurance excess. Just ask at the NOVA Rental Desk when you collect your car. Global Insurance coverages are always subject to change. When you purchase Global Insurance you may be held responsible by the rental car company and then seek reimbursement from your third party ins. Third Party Coverage-TI, TPL - covers expenses for third parties and or damages to the outside of their vehicle. Third Party Liability insurance covers a maximum 240 thousand USD for material damages. The maximum coverage for personal injuries is 480 thousand USD. Insurance coverage is limited to Europe only Excluded from the insurance is the use of the vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods which will void any insurance under the rental contract. Also insurance is void if any unauthorized driver has used the vehicle or if the driver of vehicle does not possess the required driver's license at the time of the event giving rise to claim. CDW - Collision Damage Waiver and TP - Theft Protection reduce the Driver's responsibility for the vehicle to the amount of excess or deductible. If CDW or TP is not accepted the customer will be liable for up to the full value of the car. Otherwise the responsibility is only for the excess value of each of these coverages. By purchasing CDW you limit your financial risk in case of an accident up to the maximum limit (excess or deductible). The Excess/Deductible amounts also apply to the Inclusive rates. SCDW - If CDW and TP are already included in the rates, the renter can choose SCDW to eliminate the Non-Waiverable Responsibility. If SCDW is accepted customer is responsible for damage to the inside of the vehicle, damage to the underside of the vehicle mirrors wheels/tires lights wheelcaps antenna wipers carkeys documents and registration plates. SCDW does not provide coverage to areas considered risk territory.Otherwise for collision damage there is zero excess. WUG-is optional and covers you against damage (Wheels,Glass and Underside)of the car If WUG is purchased the customer is responsible for ZERO USD if client did not fail to follow standard Terms and Conditions PAI PAI - By taking personal accident protection you limit your liability for the consequences of an accident. Your liability is limited to- 2160USD medical costs, 3600USD disability 4560USD death. All amounts in USD CLASS SCDW WUG PAI EXCESS MCMN MCMR MCAR ECA R ECMR 9.60 4.80 3.60 960.00 CCMN CCMR CCAR - 9.60 4.80 3.60 1200.00 CWMR - 10.20 4.80 3.60 1200.00 ICMR - 10.20 4.80 3.60 1560.00 FCMR - 18.00 4.80 3.60 1680.00 FCAR IVMR SVMR - 19.20 4.80 3.60 1680.00 LVMR - 22.80 4.80 3.60 2400.00 PCAR - 24.00 4.80 3.60 3000.00

Special Equipment
Child seat or booster seat is 10.00USD per day maximum 100.00US. Winter tires are 7.20USD per day max 120.00USD and are MANDATORY from November 15th through April 15th. WIFI is 12.00USD per day, maximum 120.00USD per rental. GPS is 12.00 USD per day, maximum 120.00USD per rental. In case the car needs a special cleaning - smell removal, animal pollution, liquid spill, etc-a minimum fee of 72 USD will apply. It is not allowed to smoke in the car. Should you smoke in the vehicle a cleaning fee of 525.00 USD will be applied to your overall rental cost.

All vehicles are supplied with fuel and should be refueled to the same level as received prior to returning the vehicle. Should you not return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as received, you will be charged a Refueling charge of 30USD plus the cost of the fuel.

One Way Rentals
National One Way Rentals from any of our other locations to Dubrovnik are available with a 150.00USD drop fee. One way rentals between our other locations have a 100.00USD drop fee. International One Way Drops are possible. Please ask at the rental counter at the start of your rental.

Geographic Restrictions
Cars are allowed into Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Monaco. Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain Renter must advise the location of their intent to travel to any country outside of Croatia at time of rental. A onetime Cross Border fee of 67.20 USD will apply Restrictions apply for Albania Macedonia Turkey Ukraine Greece Russia Bulgaria, Romania and Kosovo. Insurance companies DO NOT cover car rentals in the above mentioned restricted territories. Should the renter travel to one of these countries, it would be at their own risk. The renter will be responsible for all damage to or theft of the vehicle; as well as any roadside assistance they may require. If borders are crossed without permission or paying the cross border fee, there will be a penalty of 990 USD paid locally. An Island Ferry Fee of 25.20 USD allows the renter to take the ferry and drive on the islands during the duration of the rental. It is a mandatory onetime fee and is valid for all ferries taken or islands visited in Croatia. Ferry tickets are separate from this fee and must be purchased from the ferry company - Jadrolinija or another provider.

Driver Qualifications
The renter and any drivers have to be in possession of a valid Driver's License for at least 2 years. They must also have a major credit card in their own name with sufficient funds for the entire rental and deposit if one is required. Minimum age is 21 years and max is 75 years. For bigger car groups and luxury brands the minimum age is 24 years. The additional drivers fee is 12.00USD per day. Young drivers 18-23 years and Senior drivers 71-99 years will not be allowed without a Young or Senior Drivers Fee of 12.00 USD per day. Fees are payable at the rental desk. Drivers licenses printed with non-Roman alphabet - Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Cyrllic, etc. must be accompanied by an International Drivers License. Please show a valid ID card or passport at time of pick up.

Credit Card Guarantees
If you have reserved a pay on arrival rental, a credit card guarantee is required in order to reserve a vehicle. This credit card will be validated at the time of reservation and may show a 1.00USD temporary authorization on your credit card statement. However, no actual guarantee fee will be incurred unless the Customer is a No Show; in which case a No Show fee equivalent to a one day rental or a minimum of 50.00USD will be charged to the credit card provided as a guarantee. If your plans change you can avoid this fee by cancelling your reservation through the same site on which you made your reservation at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled rental time. If you reserved a Prepaid (Pay Now) reservation, you will be charged a Booking Fee equivalent to the total charges of your reservation. The Credit Card used for prepayment MUST be presented at the rental counter at time of pick up. This is a non-refundable reservation and may not be modified. If you do not pick up your rental when scheduled your reservation will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund or a credit.

Inclusive Package
Should you purchase an Inclusive Rate Package please note that Collision and Theft waivers as well as Taxes and Fees ARE included in your rate. You will remain responsible for any coverage excess up to 4500USD for cars up to an 8 seater and 8760USD for Luxury, Convertible, SUV and Premium van models. Not included in your rate is fuel, special equipment such as baby seats and any other available option.

Credit & Debit Card Policy
We accept Diners Club, Mastercard/Eurocard and Visa. We do not accept Debit Cards or Prepaid Cards. A security deposit will be required at the time of rental and refunded when the vehicle is returned on time with no damage. The deposit with SCDW-determined by car class and excess amount. Mini and Economy cars deposit is 960USD, Compacts-1200USD, Intermediate-1560USD, Fullsize cars-1680USD, Minivan 1800USD, Standard size van-2400USD and Premium car-3000USD.. NO REFUNDS ARE MADE FOR EARLY RETURNS OR CONTRACT CANCELLATION.

Legal Notice
NU Car Rentals provides a car rental affiliate reservation system and acts as an agent for the convenience of you the customer and the local owned and operated car rental firm. We use reasonable commercial efforts to insure the accuracy of all information posted on our website or distributed to other websites. Our liability, if any, shall be limited to the amount of rental charges paid to us. The terms, conditions and prevailing law covering the rental shall be those stated on the rental contract presented at the actual rental location.

Additional Information
All rates are quoted in US Dollars. Payment upon arrival will be taken in local currency. Any changes to the reservation or the rental may result in a change to the rate or an additional fee. NU Car Rentals will not be responsible for any cancelled reservations. Makes and models are examples only and are not guaranteed. If you booked a Pay Now Special rate you will be charged in US dollars a non refundable deposit equivalant to the amount of the rental charges for the reserved period. Additional charges will be collected in local currency at the time of payment.